Signal Box by o2 for business customers: Ideal mobile phone coverage independent from constructional conditions

MUNICH. From now on, Telefónica Germany offers its business customers own indoor mobile phone cells. With the Signal Box by o2 companies optimize their UMTS signal within buildings in which the quality of reception is limited due to constructional conditions.

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New for business customers: Landline number abroad for o2 mobile phones

All o2 business customers can now sign up for the new option called „International landline number“ for five euros net per month. That way, they will get an additional landline number from a country of their choice for their mobile

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Telefónica Insurance Telematics: New M2M solution can reduce car insurance costs

MUNICH/GERMANY. Telefónica Germany today announced its new and innovative insurance telematics solution at the 19th Handelsblatt Jahrestagung TK Europa. Telefónica Insurance Telematics is based on Machine to Machine (M2M) technology and analyses driving behaviour to more accurately calculate the cost

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Foreign countries are now included for o2 business customers: New EU+ Travel option for Europe and North America

MUNICH. Telefónica in Germany extends its tariffs for business customers with an effective cost limit for abroad. Starting at April 23, travelers can make unlimited mobile calls, surf the Internet and write 1,000 texts a month without incurring high costs

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